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When initiating the idea of blogging I had strong reservations. I vacillated over how I wanted to represent myself through blogging. If you’re a blogger I’m sure you too may have struggled a bit on what and how you wanted to share. I knew without doubt what I wanted to talk about.  I have been passionately sharing face to face with individuals and groups for almost 20 years. I imagined myself being very professional, presenting details, facts and encouragement, so as not to allow the reader, namely you, to get too close.  The more I thought about it the worse I felt.  I’m a relational woman, love humor and strive to be personable.  Why would I be any different, even if only through pen?  I’ve always said that we should learn to know our audience; so I guess the same should be said of me. I want you to learn about your audience namely; me. I decided that if I was really going to give all that I have in my personal and professional experience then I was going to have to give all of me; the good, bad and the ugly. As I share on specific topics of discussion I am in hopes of always staying true to myself; which keeps me true to you. I hope that this will be my one constant; being true to both of us.  Too make sure that I speak from the heart and not speak only from my head.  All too often we receive information from one another but do we really connect?  Let me assure you, I believe we will relate to one another on more levels than you would imagine and that’s what is important to me. If you continue to hang out with me there will be times when you will laugh, cry and maybe even blush as I disclose who I really am in order to help you discover who you really are too. I won’t wear a mask, as this is what keeps us stuck. No way! It’s time to take all the veils off, even if only one layer at a time.  It’s not easy exposing ourselves and having to admit we’ve got some weaknesses, insecurities, vulnerabilities and maybe even life controlling problems. I’ve had to do some really difficult and painful personal inventory but I’m so glad that I did and still do so today. It’s one of the keys that will change the ‘you’ that you see today.

First impressions are everything so let me try to empress you. As you know with first impressions sometimes they are deceiving and can be very inaccurate. This reveals to me that surely I do not know everything and that looks can and do fool you. You may take a look at one of my photos and draw a quick conclusion as to who you think I am and you will choose whether or not you will allow me to speak into your life.  We all do this and I hope that you’ll continue to show up, just as I did with those that have had the deepest impact on my life and overall personal wellbeing.  We’ve all got a story to tell and our lives and personal experiences are collectively what give us our PhD’s for living.  Some are educated in the finest of academia and others have gone to the school of hard knocks.  Whatever your story you are being positioned to receive the highest of degrees; an abundant life.

Currently I’m on an airplane blogging over the Pacific Ocean. I think I’m somewhere between Seoul, Korea and Hawaii, the good ole’ U.S. of A. I’ve been serving as a Global Worker in South East Asia for almost 10 years; living in Southern Thailand.  I came to Thailand to work with Muay Thai fighters, believe it or not (looks can fool you).  Muay Thai, also known as kickboxing is Thailand’s national sport.  I have been working with fighters, trainers and their families to offer them options for living during and after their Muay Thai career.  Through the years we’ve created sponsorship programs, taught English as a second language, provided jobs by teaching foreign sports enthusiasts and much more.  To many Thailand is considered a third world country with people lacking in many ways.  Having lived there for so long, I would have to say that Thailand is more of an under industrialized nation and although lacking in some ways, it is a nation that has so much to offer its people and those who grace its borders.  They are very resourceful and enjoy much, although for some, seemingly having so little.  Thus, the reason Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”.  Although I’m here serving, Thailand has served me in very personal ways.  Too, the physical environment is ideal for someone, such as me.  I live near the sea and get fresh air, coastal breezes with lush mountains, jungles and foliage surrounding me daily. The food is fresh and I can go to the outdoor market each day to purchase fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and the like. Amazing Thailand!  Too, I always say that my environment is my playground because there are so many options to choose from for physical activity.  Rock climbing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, running on the beach or up to one of the extremely high temples and even a Zumba class.  I have to admit I was the instructor for that and many of the students had never heard of this incredible way of having a great time while experiencing a physical activity.  It was a hit! You could only imagine how beautiful it is in my lovely little sea village.  I’m fortunate to serve people that travel from around the globe to come and experience firsthand what I’m sharing.  I conduct Health & Fitness Retreats which gives me opportunity to introduce the i AM WOMAN program to participants; now this is my passion!

As I launch i AM WOMAN in America I hope that my countrymen (woman) will have the desire to someday come to Thailand to be amazed too. i AM WOMAN was a vision that I received as I was walking on the beach one day after having just returned from a trip to America.  During my stay a few of my friends asked me if I was going to return to the States.  I said, “I really don’t know”?  They asked what I would do if I ever returned. I shared with them that living in Thailand had taught me to live a fairly simple lifestyle.  I no longer possessed my home, luxury cars, had the corporate job and personal training clients.  During this time I was living in a small room at a Fitness Resort working with fighters and foreign guests, as well as being a professional announcer for the Pro Muay Thai fights. I laughed and said that almost all of my personal possessions could fit in one box and that I could probably lay my head down anywhere and be comfortable.  I stated that if I ever returned to America what I’d really like to do is to move into the home of individuals for 1-3 months at a time to teach them everything I knew about overall health.  After I made the comment I received a shocking reply from each of my friends.  They said, “Zina, if you ever come back to America not only would I have you come stay with me but I’ll pay you to help me too”. At the time it came as a surprise and a compliment. I didn’t think much of it afterwards until I was walking on the beach that one morning.  Within moments the entire vision for the health ministry came to me.  I knew that I wanted to provide all the knowledge, tools and resources that I had gained over the years that had helped me see my own health restored and that I had been sharing with private clients for so many years. Yet, even if I stayed a minimum of 1 month per client, then I would only be able to serve 12 people. I had a vision of duplication; thus the 3 tier layered programming. I could physically show how to address the 7 areas of health through the DVD’s. I could speak more intimately through the Mp3 and I could give more of the statistical data and teaching tools through the work book. This way you would really know why you were doing what you were doing. You could have access to me and the resources whenever you wanted; at your convenience.  You might not ever be able to travel to South East Asia to experience one of our Detoxification and Rejuvenation Retreats. But you’d have the resources in the palm of your hand. Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping your house clean or offer me a spare room. I’m giggling and also holding on to my keyboard as I go through turbulence on this plane, yikes.  Remember, I’m flying. As you get to know me, you will see that I love humor and a bit of light sarcasm. It helps to swallow the truth. Like the times that the teachings may get a bit tough or emotionally challenging; you could simply turn me off until you have given yourself an opportunity to process and then come back to me for more; wow!  And its okay, I wouldn’t get offended if you turned the remote on me; I understand. There have been a few times that I wished that people had an off switch.

There you have it; little ole me and why I do what I do through i AM WOMANI hope you’ll join in too. If you’ve come to my blog then I know you’re searching for a reason.  Let’s do this together.

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