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If you’re making preparations or if the decision has already been made about coming to amazing Thailand for your holiday, more than likely you are coming to escape the chill in the air, as well as the pressures of the gruel and grind of the work place. A life filled with tremendous obligations and the busy, busy, busy of trying to meet each expectation.

Thailand is known for its “jai yen yen” (cool heart) and “sabai sabai” (relax, relax) attitude. Travelers from around the world flock to the mountains and the beautiful beaches that Krabi has to offer the worn and the weary. Longing for a time to slow down, re-access their lives or maybe just stop from all the doing and performing. The stresses of the Western world have many coming to Krabi for a time to restore and rejuvenate.

Ao Nang, a lovely coastal village is quickly becoming known as a “Holiday Fitness” destination. Better known as the “Jewel of the Andaman”, Krabi offers many outdoor activities like mountain trekking, rock climbing, snorkeling and scuba diving. A plethora of beaches are available for the sun lover looking for a hammock and a palm tree. For those who enjoy running in the fresh open air; Ao Nang provides a safe and beautiful terrain.

With the most breathtaking panorama to absorb during an early morning run. There are fitness clubs, Muay Thai training camps, yoga studios and even a Detoxification Retreat resort for those needing assistance in beginning a healthy lifestyle. For those whom are already health conscious the opportunity awaits you to ‘reboot’ in paradise.

Our little sea village is a great place for you to eliminate stress, gain perspective and simply, let it all go. Stress has been found to cause many ailments that plague our world today. Cancer, weight gain, intestinal disorders, muscle spasms, high blood pressure and a pitch in cortisol, which creates the force we all know as, “fight or flight”.

Over an increased period of time the stresses of life can have a negative impact on our physical and emotional health; harming both our relationships and our overall quality of life. Making the decision to come to Krabi might not only be one of your best memory making moments but it may also be just the place for you to make the decision that might change your life forever. Here are just a few helpful hints to help you to just let it all go. See you soon in the “Land of Smiles”…. The 7 “How To’s” of Rest: Make sleep a priority. Just as you schedule time for work and other commitments; schedule enough time for sleep. Instead of cutting back on sleep in order to tackle the rest of your daily tasks Establish a relaxing evening routine.

Listening to relaxing music. Reading is also a great way to unwind after a long activity filled day Avoid TV, computers and phones an hour or so before bedtime Don’t wait until bedtime to start thinking about or discussing problems. Deal with anything that is worrying you or causing anxiety early on in the day.

That way you won’t spend time thinking about it as you’re trying to drift asleep Avoid the use of caffeine, sodas, drugs, and alcohol because they can disrupt your sleep patterns Make your last meal of the day light. If your last meal is light, your body will digest it easily. Large meals take much longer to digest and can prevent you from sleeping properly. Nighttime digestion will pull much needed blood away from your brain.

That blood is needed for the brain processing that happens while you sleep Keep your bedroom dark and as quiet as possible.

A quiet dark room is best for sleeping.

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