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When I was first approached about starting a blog, I remember as if it were yesterday.  This overwhelming sense of emotion came over me.  Not only were my emotions triggered but even my body immediately responded. I remember my stomach involuntarily began to tense up as if I were having a labor conaction of sorts.  The thoughts that were racing through my head began to challenge me.  You know the real me, the ‘real me’ we are all trying to discover? I have been walking with the real me for years and have been helping others on that road to discovery for some time. I had been happy with the results and personal accomplishments that I had opportunity to witness as my clients were unfolding and discovering the ‘real them’. But this particular day I was being threatened from within. That inner voice dialogue began which I have deemed, the ‘tape recorder’. I battled with the thoughts of failure, not enough time, not enough juicy stuff to share, not within the realm of my vision, not enough readers. Not, Not, Not!  That’s all that I could seemingly hear streaming through my mind.  I felt as if I were being yelled at and talked down to. I entertained the thoughts for a moment; but not for long. I learned a very long time ago that it is wise to take captive my thoughts.  To look at them and allow my mind and spirit to wage war against the things that try to overtake and overcome me, things that could possibly bring me to a place of virtual paralyzation.  After taking a much needed deep breath, I found ease in facing each of these accusations set up against me.  I began to dissect them until I came to the resolve that moved me forward; no, catapulted me forward with great elation.


My goodness I hadn’t even began to write my first blog; so why would I feel challenged by failure?  This is like telling you that I can’t stand the taste of orange juice when I’ve never eaten an orange, let alone the juice from one. Or I could never run a mile when I’ve never laced up my trainers to even make the attempt.  The only time we truly fail is when we do nothing to succeed.  Here’s a thought.  Who has decided that failure is always a bad thing? Hey, I would be so humble as to admit, I’ve had my fair share of failures throughout my lifetime.  Yet, they’ve help to shape me for whom I am today. Its okay to fail and it not be a personal (negative) reflection on who I am. I feel I would be much worse off if I didn’t even try.  Then I would feel as if I didn’t even give effort towards something that could serve a greater purpose than the fear of failure.  Let me just say this; failure is really over rated and we give the word way too much power over our lives.  Consider turning the word failure into faux pas. It sounds a bit funny and is surely disarming.

Not enough time

Isn’t this the rule of thumb for most every decision we are making for our lives today?  In our rushed and busied societies globally, most are trying to navigate the ‘time’ dilemma. It seems as if the clock has been thrust forward and moving at lightning speed. So we must be in a place of proper time management, as well as personal and professional prioritizing.  This is an area of my life, that I too I’m faced with.  As personal and professional demands are brought my way I need to address them as to whether or not they are a distraction or of value to my purpose.  On occasion I have to say, ‘no’ to invites both professionally and personally.  In as much as I would love to fill my day with a plethora of activity.  I have learned that it is not good for my overall health and wellbeing.  The great thing about being balanced with your time is that you will discover a gap that allows space for spontaneous behavior.  Oh, how I love when I get to do something spontaneously; simply because I have the time. Yea!

Not enough juicy stuff

This one hit me pretty hard and actually took the longest to shake.  I’ve been in the people serving business for almost 2 decades. Yet, even with years of experience, testimonials of lifestyle transformation, learned and applied knowledge.  I still felt that I may fall short; why?  This is an emotional trap that ensnares many.  I call it the comparing game.  We find ourselves comparing ourselves with others in an unhealthy manner.  When we look at others and their accomplishments we sometimes place a higher value on them over ourselves.  The accolades of others should be applauded and not used to diminish our own personal value and importance.  We must esteem and not envy; now this is healthy comparing.  There’s a saying that reads; “there’s nothing new under the sun”.  How I’ve applied this to my life has been quite simple. If I stand in line next to a group of my peers, those having the same passion and desires that I have.  I accept that they may have the same knowledge and maybe even more than me.  I can learn from them and they can learn from me. But ultimately my peers and I have the unbridled passion for sharing this knowledge with others.  I’ve been sharing ‘juicy stuff’ for years.  Now is the time for it to come through a blog; why not!  You’ll be able to have the option of coming back for this juicy stuff over and over again.  You know; juicy firsts and seconds.

Not your vision

Yes, this is true. It was never a part of my vision to have a blog. I spent years putting together my comprehensive program i AM WOMAN (this should be able to link them to the order page) to be made available to the people. In order they could take the time that is needed to truly discover their health and beauty from the inside out. I thought the articles (this should be able to link them to the order page) and (this should be able to link them to the order page) freebies would be enough.  Needless to say the social media resources were also what I wanted to use as platforms of encouragement and motivation.  But like I said earlier; I have peers.  My peers encouraged me to start a blog.  They said, “It’s the thing to do”. Sadly they left without explanation, which for me created a road to discovering why it was truly the thing to do.  (was this a distraction or a value to my purpose). After much trepidation the light went on inside of me.  I now knew what would be the driving force behind this blogging thing. I love people and I love seeing them well and living incredible lives. The blog will give me opportunity to share some great ‘juicy stuff’ and for you to tell me how you have applied it, to start or keep you on the road of amazing living.  Also, we will have opportunity to discuss the issues that matter the most.  I’ve got plenty to share but I want to share what matters most to you.  Now that’s vision.

Not enough readers

The beauty of starting a blog is not about how many readers I’m going to get; not at all.  It’s about that one reader who gets the blog.  The one that says, “Yes, I get it”.  The she or he is enough of a reader for me. I started i AM WOMAN as a ministry first. If I get to enjoy the fruit of my labor financially as well; then that’s cherry too.  Just remember if you and I go on this journey together and it appears that I am getting too big for my britches (key word ‘appears’) then kindly send me a note and we can humbly discuss together.  I believe God has prepared me for a people and has prepared a people for me. The fun will be in the discovery of who that is.  Hugs….

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