HELLO!  I’m Zina, and I care about YOUR HEALTH
Therefore, our team is here for YOU.

Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple.  The Juiced for Life programs were created with real people and real experiences in mind.  Juiced for Life faces the heart of the issues and the issues of the heart.  We keep participation at 8-10 people. We believe that a smaller group size creates a more intimate and comfortable environment for our guests. If we are ever going to walk in total health, we will have to take a look at issues that may be keeping us away from that at present.

How? Juiced for Life will look at the whole person. And what it takes to provide for the whole of you; mind, body & spirit.  Offering the “how to’s” towards overall health and well-being.

If you have found yourself frustrated with being overweight or out of shape, possibly bound by sickness and disease; focused on food.  What to eat, what not to eat. The Juiced for Life programs provide a road to those healing answers or to say the least, an amazing fitness holiday just for you!

The Road to Health

The road to health and wellness did not come to Zina from a desire to understand nutrition or the health of the human body. In fact, it came through just the opposite. It came from years of sickness and ill health that plague and are common place to most. Suffering from headaches, migraines, stomach and digestive issues, hypoglycemia, heart palpitations, colds, flu’s and the like.

With a family history of illness and disease, Zina assumed that this was just her lot in life and that these genetic traits were hereditary and must simply be accepted.

However after reading a book concerning healthy lifestyles, she discovered that by making simple diet and lifestyle changes her health could be restored. Had she finally found the cure all to most, if not all of her health concerns? Up to this point all she knew was to take medication to keep her ills at bay. This launched her on a journey to discover her health from the inside out.

Today, after 20+ years of applying the principles that she learned and continues to become educated through; she has yet to take as much as an aspirin and walks in total health.

Living a


After years of education and gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge, Zina became a certified health minister. For the past 15+ years she has been found educating and encouraging others to make the same decisions she had by taking their health into their own hands and to gain knowledge on how to care for the total, you.


Her program goes beyond the kitchen and fitness centers. Not keeping you bound by thinking about what you’re consuming and how much you’re exercising to burn off those unwanted calories. Her program has been designed to look at the whole person; mind, body and spirit. And teaches how to take care for the “whole” you, while addressing what are believed to be 7 key areas to overall health; air, water, food, exercise, sunlight, rest and relationships.

Her greatest reward has been to walk side by side with people who struggle with health and lifestyle choices. And to watch their lives transform as they apply her teachings to gain a new lease on life.

Zina conducts seminars and retreats, as well as personal life coaching to help individuals who simply feel, stuck; struggling with weight problems, sickness or disease.