7 nights – 6 days

If you find that you cannot keep the weight off, struggle with chronic health issues and just cannot seem to overcome ongoing personal and physical hurdles; this is the program for you and Krabi, Thailand is the perfect place.

The conditions here are blissful, to say the least. This will be a time for you to  drop the stress, the weight and even toxins that are lingering in, on or around you. A time pick up strength, stamina and a renewed sense of inner peace.

You will have a one on one ‘Life Coach’ who will begin to teach you how to make living well, simply a way of living.  You will be given adequate time to process everything you’ll learn all the while being freed up from feeling ‘stuck’ when it comes to your over health and well-being.  Your personal consultations will set you up for amazing life transformation as you apply the teachings to your life right away. We will look at the whole of who you are; spirit, mind & body. The resources provided will be taken with you back after you have finished the program. You will begin to have a new ‘normal’ way of living.


You’ve tried everything imaginable but it has not worked. We are confident to say “You’ve not tried this”. Our program starts out with personal hand holding because we know it’s been tough. Very quickly we will exchange our hands with tools that will finally get you to where you know how to really care for yourself. How to balance out your lifestyle & thought process, what to eat & what not to eat.  How to prioritize what means most to you and begin to surround yourself with circumstance that don’t challenge your health but enhance it. We are a team of people who have walked in total health for over 30+ years.  We really know how and can’t wait to show you.


Doctors don’t always have the time or resources to help their patients build healthy lifestyle habits that become life transforming. Health Coaches are needed to fill the void in our current healthcare system. We are here to walk you through a process of finally discovering what has stood in the gap between you and the HEALTHY you.  This program is for you if you’re ready to discover your health from the inside out.  Guaranteed you won’t be alone on this journey; we’re here!





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Get Juiced For Life… In THAILAND

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