5 nights/4 days

Has your hurried lifestyle had an impact on you emotionally, mentally as well as physically? 

Join us for a week that will change your life. During this rejuvenating retreat and within a short amount of time you will be equipped with easy to understand, comfortable ways to enhance your lifestyle in the middle of your busy world.

We will emphasize how diet, exercise, rest and other habits affect us in every area of our lives.  You will receive instruction on nutrition, weight loss, stretch and breathing techniques and most of all encouragement as you take this time for yourself; away from it all.

You will experience a 2 day juice fast as well as how to make juicing a part of your regular health regimen.  Learning the principles of juicing and the importance of detoxifying your body, while supplying it with nutrient dense living, whole plant based foods. We’ll teach you how to have your CAKE and eat it too.


Each of our programs come with fitness and FOOD in mind. You will get JUICED with freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices after each training session. Too, you will eat RAWkin’ foods made fresh daily. Most of our entrees, appetizers and desserts are created with almost 100% living whole ingredients.  The BONUS! When we say feed your body; we mean it. Our food is all you can eat, no guilt feasting!


Doctors don’t always have the time or resources to help their patients build healthy lifestyle habits. Health Coaches are needed to fill the void in our current healthcare system. Participating in our Detoxification & Rejuvenation Retreat will get you on your feet and walking in total health!





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Get Juiced For Life… In THAILAND

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