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For educational and interactive talks, Zina offers a variety of topics for your health conscious audience!

Zina has provided special event presentations on key matters since the inception of i AM WOMAN and Get Juiced For Life. Courageously speaking on sensitive topics like obesity, self-image issues, life controlling problems or simply being ‘stuck’. Her audiences are able to receive straight talk through her sensitivity and humor. Her talks range from motivational speaking, practical personal goal setting to strategic lifestyle How To sessions. Her personal experience and close collaboration with her listeners allows her to encourage and motivate her audiences towards real life transformation. Zina believes in engaging the audience and having them participate. Rather than one-sided presentations she uses the time given and her expertise to help the audience identify their personal need and objectives to implement her resources right away. She has found that by providing her audience tools they can walk away with, provides the absolute best personal experience

Topics include the following for Keynote or Breakout sessions, we want to help:






"i Am Woman"

7 Pillars of Health

  • Learn Who & What you are
  • “How To’s” of Caring for the Whole of YOU
  • Listen to Your Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Gain & Regain Energy
  • Beat Stress Once and For All!

Get Juiced for Life!

Learn How To Juice!

  • Learn how to Juice
  • Save time through the 5 “P’s”
  • Full Setup and Demonstration
  • Easy instructions for Delicious Drinks
  • Healthcare through juicing

Raw Food Made Easy

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life!

  • What is Raw Food?
  • Raw food Prep
  • Meal Planning
  • Health Benefits
  • Build a Weekly Meal Plan
  • Save time & money
  • Create a healthy kitchen

Get Fit For Life

Be Fit - At Any Age!

  • The Health Benefits of Fitness
  • How to be Fit at any Age
  • Body image Issues
  • Fix your Thinking
  • Get into Your Body
  • Fitness Goes Beyond the Flesh

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