Need a Speaker? Hire Zina!


For educational and interactive talks, Zina offers a variety of topics for your health conscious audience!

Topics include the following for Keynote or Breakout sessions, we want to help:



"i Am Woman"

7 Pillars of Health

  • Learn Who & What you are
  • “How To’s” of Caring for the Whole of YOU
  • Listen to Your Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Gain & Regain Energy
  • Beat Stress Once and For All!

Get Juiced for Life!

Learn How To Juice!

  • Learn how to Juice
  • Save time through the 5 “P’s”
  • Full Setup and Demonstration
  • Easy instructions for Delicious Drinks
  • Healthcare through juicing

Raw Food Made Easy

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life!

  • What is Raw Food?
  • Raw food Prep
  • Meal Planning
  • Health Benefits
  • Build a Weekly Meal Plan
  • Save time & money
  • Create a healthy kitchen

Get Fit For Life

Be Fit - At Any Age!

  • The Health Benefits of Fitness
  • How to be Fit at any Age
  • Body image Issues
  • Fix your Thinking
  • Get into Your Body
  • Fitness Goes Beyond the Flesh

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